From left, new Caliente Mayor Steve Rowe, Councilmen Tommy Rowe, Joe Livreri and Sean FitzSimons.

On July 1, the Room Tax Board met before the city council to hear from Lincoln County Trap Club’s Larry Gearhart, requesting $5,000. The request was approved.

The regular council meeting followed at 6 p.m. Mayor Victor Jones led the crowd for the last time in the pledge and, after the swearing in of new mayor Steve Rowe and councilmen Sean FitzSimons, Tommy Rowe and Joe Livreri, Jones turned the gavel over to Mayor Rowe. The previous mayor and councilmen were thanked for their service.

The first point of business was the council assignments.

Sean FitzSimons will work with Parks and Beautification. Tommy Rowe will work with the Community Development/Planning Commission and will also be a representative for the Regional Development Board. Joe Livreri will work with the Tourism/Box Car Museum. He will also be a representative for the Room Tax Board, LCAT and TrailCats.

During public comment, Christine Harrington, a representative for the mountain bike committee, introduced herself. She said they’re working on planning an event during the fall.

Robert Frey requested a dual marijuana license for production and cultivation. Councilman Rowe said he hoped Frey would consider going with local contractors as much as possible. Frey said that was his intent and requested a list of local contractors.

Attorney Franklin Katschke noted that there were a few things missing from Frey’s application, including a lease agreement and agent cards. The agent cards are proof that the required fingerprints and background checks have been performed. The documents were promised to Katschke by the end of the next business day. He recommended approving the application, contingent on his receiving the necessary information.

Audience member Jan Cole commented that a special-use permit should be required before a license is issued. City Deputy Clerk Amanda Anderson explained that it’s not policy to issue a special-use permit until a license is in place.

After some further discussion, a motion to approve the license was passed.

Eagle Scout Bridger Tingey came before the council saying Jack Horner of the VFW had approached him and believes there should be a flag in Rose Memorial Park. The VFW will pay half of the Eagle Scout project. Tingey requested the remaining $200 from the city, which was approved.

Electrical usage at the clock tower parking lot for mobile vendors was discussed and tabled. The past owners of the Snow Cone Shack paid the city for electrical usage but the new owners have not. Councilman FitzSimons will talk to the owners.

The Beautification Committee announced Besty Comella is once more working with them.

The council approved Keith Comella to sit on the Planning Commission.

Amanda Anderson and Grant Perkins will use the city car to go to Pahrump for POOL PACT training.

It was announced that the city sprayed for mosquitoes again.

Public comments were made about weeds seen throughout the city including on the walking trail and around fire hydrants.

Complaints about ATVs in the area of Lincoln Street were referred to the sheriff’s office.

The next council meeting will be July 18.