Dave Maxwell
The new instant photo printer at Jolly’s Drug in Alamo is located just inside the front door.

Although physical media like DVDs, cassettes and even books are quickly being replaced by their digital counterparts, there’s one medium that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon – printed photos. Even though millions of people upload their personal pictures to social media every day, many still find enjoyment at being able to hold a physical photograph in their hands.

Jolly’s Drug, formerly Meadow Valley Pharmacy in Caliente, has had the only instant photo printer in Lincoln County for several years. Recently, the store decided to switch to a Kodak printer and gave the previous printer to their satellite pharmacy in Alamo.

Robyn Kirchesh at the store in Caliente said, “Right now it’s a trial basis. We want to see how everybody likes it. But I think the people in Pahranagat Valley will definitely try to have their pictures printed there.”

The Kodak Company will maintain the machine in Caliente and the one in Alamo will be maintained by technicians hired by Jolly’s.

Laticia Prince, pharmacy tech in Alamo, said she is happy to have the one at her location. Print sizes include 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 8×12, wallet size and passport prints. Editing capabilities are also available.

Prince said, “In time we hope to have it set up where you can print directly to our machine over the internet from your Facebook and other devices.”