Kenzie Harr
Winners of the 2019 “Lincoln County’s Got Talent.” From left, Calista Anderson, third place, Shawn Frehner, first place, Heidi Whimple, second place.

From the exciting rendition of “This is the Greatest Show” ringing through the speakers to the flashing lights racing through the room, the “Lincoln County’s Got Talent” show delivered a spectacle.

Held July 19, the event was put on by Natalie Wadsworth. A cash prize was offered to the top three performers, as determined by the audience. Between acts, prizes were awarded to select audience members which included free concessions, ticket reimbursement and even an Amazon gift card.

First to perform was Heidi Whimple, who offered up an energizing dance and gymnastics solo. Following her, Jacob Lester and Cory Wadsworth played a trumpet duet. Next, Emmerson Bode entertained the crowd with a dance solo. Hayden Showel then sang, followed by a guitar solo from Dan Chavez. Ellie Frehner danced a solo, before Kyle Zierow stepped up as a last-minute fill-in to sing when Jayden Heaton had technical difficulties. Heaton then performed after Bryson Glockner’s informative science experiment. Alex Greenbaum took the stage next, displaying his comedic but talented mystical skills, followed by a piano and vocal solo from Calista Anderson. Natalie Whimple then showed off her considerable piano skills, followed by a hilarious oboe and clarinet duet from Mackenzie Marshal and Nani Lebaron. Finally, Shawn Frehner displayed the most exotic talent of all: fire breathing.

This act was so unusual that it caught the attention of the voters, earning Frehner first place of the evening and a $300 check. In second place was Heidi Whimple, and in third was Anderson. All of the acts came up on stage at that point and received their well-deserved recognition, with the top three acts continuing on to join the Pioneer Day Parade the following day.