The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) held a community information meeting July 16 for proposed improvement of State Route 317. The NDOT is proposing a roadway improvement on a shared-use path at the intersection of SR317 and Kershaw Ryan State Park, continuing north to the intersection of SR317 and Clover Street. Roadway improvements would include chip sealing Clover Street with new striping to make it a shared roadway for bicyclists, pedestrians and vehicles.

The shared-use path would run parallel to the west side of SR317. A crosswalk, which would have rumble strips and lighting, would be built parallel to the east side of the SR 317 shared roadway on Clover Street.

Questions were raised about where crosswalks would be located and the speed that vehicles travel on both Clover Street and on SR 317, regardless of posted sign limits.

Construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2020. Contact Curtis Hartzell with questions or concerns at chartzell@dot.nvgov. Reference “Caliente Shared-Use Path Project” in the subject line.