Daily lunch delivery to the Alamo Senior Center will be discontinued.

At the board of county commissioners’ July 22 meeting, Lincoln County Human Services Director Toni Acuff said the reason for this discontinuation is lack of participation at the center.

She said in March the number of lunches sent to the senior center by the main kitchen in Caliente was 75, but by June the numbers had declined to 48.

However, she emphasized, “The seniors in the Alamo area are not going to lose their lunch, but rather be switched to the Meals on Wheels program,” which makes a number of stops in the Alamo area on a daily basis Monday through Friday.

“Sometimes the Alamo center might order four or five lunches and have only one person come that day,” she said. “The same thing happened in Panaca a few years ago. At that time we shifted them to Meals on Wheels as well. Right now, the Panaca Senior Center is doing very well. It will also cut some of our costs at maintaining the Alamo center.”

Commissioners approved the request.

In addition, board members approved the human services department’s request for submission of a grant to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the purchase of new kitchen equipment at the Caliente Senior Center. The board also approved the Meals on Wheels budget for the fiscal year of 2019, a grant application to the Aging and Disabilities Service Division (ADSD) for Congregate Meals in the amount of $46,082.50 with an appropriated required match of $8,133 and a grant application to the ADSD Home-Delivered Meals in the amount of $99,600 with an appropriate match of $17,597.