Mary Cordle
The Beautification Committee put together a subcommittee that will work on the restoration of the Depot. From left, back row: Councilman Sean FitzSimons; Jamie Wood, Treasurer; Anna Perkins; Lynn Wood. Second row: Betsy Comella; Lavette Lee, Chairwoman; Millie FitzSimons, Secretary; Tina Taylor.

Preparations to restore the Caliente Train Depot are moving ahead.

“We’re in the first phase. We just got our environmental review finalized and received our letter to proceed,” Deputy City Clerk Amanda Anderson said.

The city anticipates the exterior of the building will be restored in three phases through funding from the federal Community Development Block Grant (CBDG) Program. Around $528,000 was awarded for Phase I, which will focus on restoring doors, windows and trimming.

“Sunrise Engineering is working on the RSP (Request for Special Services) for our architect and historical prevention consultant,” Anderson said. “We are hoping to get that back shortly, so that I can get it in the newspaper as soon as possible. When we get it the paper we can start our open bid process.”

Phase II funding was recently awarded to the tune of $559,000. It will be used to strip down walls, remove hazardous materials and prep the building for new stucco.

Phase III will focus on re-stuccoing and painting.

A bill recently passed in the Nevada Legislature includes $2,000,000 of funding specifically for the Depot, which the city anticipates using to restore the interior of the building. The Caliente Beautification Committee did a lot of work to help push the funding through the legislature.

The Caliente Beautification Committee set up a subcommittee in its July 23 meeting to work with the city on the restoration project.