The Caliente City Council met Aug. 1.

The council approved Steve Sendlein’s request for a variance to build a garage on the east side of his property line at 412 MacArthur Drive contingent on all drainage going into the street. Mayor Steve Rowe confirmed with the city clerk that letters were sent out to homeowners in the area and there was no opposition to the project.

At the July 18 council meeting, the Kokopelli ATV Club of Mesquite asked permission to place a two-panel display in the grassy area of the clock tower parking lot. At the time, it was decided that a Kiosk Placement sub-committee should be formed to look into a more suitable spot.

The council accepted Ken Dixon, Regen Gubbler and Stan Hargar from Kokopelli ATV Club of Mesquite, then added Councilman Jamin Hunter because of his OHA background. The planning commission asked for Sheryl Johnson to be added and Councilman Tommy Rowe also asked to be added to the group.

Dave Luttrell of Lincoln County Power gave his bi-monthly report. The contract between Lincoln County Power District (LCPD) and the City of Caliente was signed July 9. Luttrell told the council, “The big thing we wanted to get squared away was to make sure we are supporting you guys correctly when we get after-hour calls from anybody in the City of Caliente and how to handle them. Another thing was to be systematic down here, not hit and miss, so we wanted to put together a good approach to accomplish this.”

Luttrell added the power district received access to all the surveys from Sunrise Engineering and incorporated it into its system.

Mayor Rowe asked about when LCPD did tree trimming. Luttrell said they do tree trimming in fall, but will come out at any time, for no charge, if there’s a tree that’s in a line. He noted that “state law requires if you’re going to trim a tree within 15 feet of an energized line you have to notify the utility, in this case the City of Caliente.” Luttrell said customers should be urged to contact the city office during the day, but after-hours LCPD’s call center is staffed 24-7 and customers can call the dispatch directly.

The mayor and Councilman Hunter then thanked Luttrell for the response to the July 3 outage and LCPD’s help at CYC.

Regarding the Grant Restoration sub-committee, City Attorney Franklin Katschke told the council that Mayor Rowe gave him the name of lobbyist Mike Wilden. Wilden put Katchske in touch with Jim Lawrence, Deputy of Conservation and Natural Resources. Lawrence, Katschke noted, will “be our state contract for the $2 million that just passed … We are in our first phase now and have gotten our official award letter. Amanda Anderson, grant writer, has done a great job. The sub-committee will be kept apprised of what is going on.”

The council approved Lynn Wood, Keith Comella, Sean FitzSimons, Amanda Anderson and Jamin Hunter to be on the sub-committee.

During the mayor’s report, Mayor Rowe said he’d seen online that Caliente was on the list of top 10 cities to visit in Nevada and learned the City of Caliente was incorporated on May 27, 1944. He was surprised that there was no mention of it during the homecoming celebration.

A very welcome addition to the meeting was the support material provided for the public, including a payment approval report, minutes from last meeting and an update from the public works manager.

The next city council meeting will be Aug. 15 at 6 p.m. in the Depot.