The Lincoln County Regional Development Authority (LCRDA) held a teleconference July 22.

Chairman David Hurd noted that Kyle Donohue handed in his resignation letter. Executive Director Jeff Fontaine said the board of county commissioners would appoint Donohue’s replacement.

Fontaine then referred to the June 30, 2019, financial report, which was approved by the board.

A motion was passed to amend the LCRDA’s 2019/2020 budget to include revenues from service clubs and religious organizations for signs to be added to eight new Nevada Department of Transportation sign support structures in Lincoln County and expenditures for sign printing.

Next, Fontaine said he had researched several potential firms to provide assistance to the LCRDA in preparing trail maps, routes and information about local services for display in community kiosks and as trifold brochures. Three firms, which Fontaine introduced at the meeting, expressed an interest in the project.

After further discussion of each of the three firms, a motion was passed to select Nevada Central Media, LLC.

The LCRDA’s new logo color was discussed and approved, following the logo’s approval at the June 10 meeting.

Fontaine provided an update on the installation of trail information kiosks in Lincoln County. He said the kiosks will be shipped in the next two to three weeks and he is working with Commissioner Varlin Higbee to have them stored at the county’s maintenance yard in Caliente. Fontaine and Rowley are still working on the design of a 48×11 aluminum banner that will go on top of the sign panels to acknowledge the OHV Commission for funding the kiosks and other organizations who funded and helped create Lincoln County trails.

Fontaine said he will be ordering no-mix post concrete from True Value Hardware in Caliente and is working with the sheriff’s office to get the specifications for their skid steer so he can order an auger and auger bits. Fontaine noted that he recently spoke with Stan Harger of the Kokapelli ATV Club in Mesquite and learned the club is also planning to install a kiosk in Caliente where U.S. 93 turns north.

Regarding Quan Verge Inc.’s proposal to utilize pinyon juniper biomass for renewable energy and materials, Fontaine said he is waiting to hear back from Dave Appold, Nevada’s BLM Contracting Officer, and is trying to arrange a meeting with the appropriate people within the BLM. Fontaine said he learned that the state’s contracting authority is limited to 500,000 acres and so Appold will include staff via teleconference from the BLM’s National Operations Center in Denver, as well as Ely District Office staff. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto’s state director, Zach Zaragoza, contacted Fontaine and asked about the need for stewardship contracting. Councilman Tommy Rowe said he met with the senator when she was in Caliente in early July and they discussed the matter.

Hurd read a report prepared by LCAT Chairwoman Marcia Hurd.

Hurd asked if there was any update on funding a new roof for the Alamo Senior Center and Fontaine said he had met with Toni Acuff and spoken with Cheryl Couch from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Development (USDA) about a grant. He learned it’s too late for this year and they will work with the USDA to try and replace the air-conditioning units and roofs in the next grant cycle.

Councilman Regen Gubler discussed the flooding situation in Caliente. Fontaine said he had sent the Caliente Flood Study prepared by Sunrise Engineering to NDOT. He also recently met with the NDOT Director and Assistant Director for Planning who told him that NDOT’s bridge engineers believe a lack of maintenance of culverts and upstream issues is the cause of flooding, rather than the bridges. Fontaine is planning to talk with the engineers. NDOT will be appearing before the Lincoln County Commissioners on August 5 to present their proposed work program for the upcoming year.

Rowe discussed the possibility of dredging under the bridge and said he asked Cortez Masto for assistance in contacting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Gubler asked Fontaine if he could get flow-line information from NDOT.

There was discussion about the availability of housing, and it was noted that according to Zillow there are currently 34 listings in the Caliente 89008 area.

Fontaine said he had a conversation with the CEO of Improveat, which makes a coconut wrap food product, and they are looking to move their processing operations from overseas to a rural western community. They sell their product across the U.S. and in several different countries and are looking for incentives and an existing 3,000-foot building with a loading dock. Several potential locations were discussed, and Fontaine said he would follow up.