Mary Cordle
Attendees of Under the Stars at Agua Caliente had hot dogs and smores prior to their night of stargazing.

Agua Caliente Mobile Home Park in Caliente held its second Under the Stars night July 27. While waiting for dark, people sat around picnic tables enjoying coffee from Life Café Coffee & Roasting Co. As it started to get dark, people enjoyed roasting hot dogs and making smores. The crowd grew to around 40 by the time the stars made their appearance.

Barbara Rohde from Panaca pointed out the planets, constellations and told stories of how they got their names. Rohde said, “When I became a park interpreter, everyone expected me to know where all of the planets and stars were. So I thought I’d take a course, so I did, and I’ve been enjoying the night skies ever since, knowing what is up there for the past 40 years.”