Collin Anderson
The Lincoln County High School football team is preparing for the 2019 season. The first game is at Enterprise Aug. 31.

Lincoln County High School’s 2019 football season is turning into an exciting ride, according to Coach Raymond Wadsworth. 

Since last year, the team has lost ten players, seven of which Wadsworth called “impact players.” With a roster as limited as LCHS’s football team, that means a significant number of players will have to step up and elevate the team like never before.

Despite these setbacks, the five coaches, with more than sixty years of combined experience, are excited for this upcoming year. The new leaders of the team, which include the upperclassmen, are stepping up to help. Some of these players include Mason Thornock, Jayden Heaton and Dillon Robinson. The quarterback for the season, Cody Zile, also has the coaches excited, so while the team may have lost much, this new team is working to bounce back without delay.

As for their competition, the other AA teams seem to be in the same boat, with the balance of power somewhat unreadable. In Coach Wadsworth’s words, “There’s no real powerhouse in the league this year,” though he added that Needles usually comes up with a fine team every year.

The Lynx will start with a scrimmage at Battle Mountain Aug. 21. After that, their first regular season game will be at Enterprise Aug. 31, and their first home game will be held in Panaca Sept. 6 against West Wendover.