Lincoln County High School cross country is about to have a tremendous season, according to its coach.

Lacie Pearson, one of Nevada?s first track state champions, has seen a considerable amount of success in her seven years guiding the team, but with the times she saw at their first meet at SUU on Aug. 24, Pearson observed some serious talent, despite the team being fairly small.

Runners demonstrated speed that Pearson has never seen so early in the year. Senior Chance Christensen, a senior, ran a 5K in 22:07, which put his mile pace at 7:07. Freshman Jacob Galley ran in 22:20 (7:11 pace). Sophomore Ashton Showel finished in 23:52 (7:40 pace), while freshman Davin Avery ran 24:51, with a mile pace just under 8 minutes. Lastly, of the recorded times, McGarren Segler, a senior but first-time cross county runner, ran a respectable 27:29 (8:50 pace).

These results, in addition to the heart that these competitors have demonstrated over the last few weeks, have Pearson looking forward to facing off against other teams. One of the team?s biggest rivals happens to be West Wendover, but despite losing a handful of runners transitioning to this year, these new members of the team show promise and drive, which should take these kids far in this endurance-based sport.

Pearson wants to inform the students of LCHS that the team still has room for more, as long as these new additions to the team are as driven as their peers and want to be a part of a successful program.