By Gwendolyn Lamb

The Lincoln County High School girls volleyball team traveled to the White Pine tournament this past weekend. Eight teams participated. 

“It’s the first time things get serious,” Lincoln County coach Chantel Holt said. “Sometimes the first time things get serious, it can be a little rocky. That is how we started off a little rocky. Once the team decided to win more than anything else, [after] each play, we were going to fight for the next one. That is when we finally gelled together and did our best.”

That effort led to the team taking three games during tournament matches, as it faced West Wendover, Tonopah, Alamo, Battle Mountain and White Pine.

Some of the key players in the tournament, according to Holt, were senior co-captain Sadie Soderborg and junior co-captain Gwendolyn Lamb. 

“Sadie being a senior had come in clutch a few times during the games,” Holt said. “Lamb serving against a couple of games really put us over the top. It got in other teams’ heads.” 

Soderborg said the tournament helped the girls get used to working with each other. 

“Everyone is trying to see how to work as a team, and I think we really developed throughout each game this past weekend,” Soderborg said. “We have a lot of hardworking girls who aren’t afraid to dive on the floor.” 

White Pine had not lost a game in the tournament, but the Lady Lynx did not let that keep them from trying their best.

“White Pine was setting one, and setting slides; they were running combinations on their hits, which not another team there was doing and we had the best run. We gave White Pine more of a challenge than any other team there,” Holt said.

Soderborg added, “We did really well against tough teams. The White Pine tournament helped us gain some confidence as we will hopefully continue to gain strength as a team.”

The Lady Lynx played against Parowan on Aug. 28 and hosts Pahranagat Valley on Sept. 10.