The Caliente City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting Aug. 15.

Bill Bradshaw started the meeting off by telling the council he would really like somebody to do something about the weeds in Caliente. “This is a fire hazard for one thing. The lots are filled with foxtails. Someone flips a cigarette and it’s gone. I turned a list in to Ken Dixon and he said he’d finish the list.”

Donna Mae Harrison concurred that the weeds “look awful” and create a negative impression on visitors to the city.

During the Wednesday evening Planning Meeting, it was decided to send letters out to property owners whose lots need to be cleared of weeds.

Lavette Lee told the council that the Beautification Committee is getting blamed for sending out the letters. However, the Planning Commission is in charge of recommending who receives letters.

Russell Wells’ request to merge his three properties on Denton Heights into one lot was approved.

Charon Samson requested help from the council to pay the Olson Senior Center’s insurance. Councilman Tommy Rowe noted that “The City of Caliente is responsible for that building. It was under a Community Block Grant that we received years ago. We need to help the seniors out.”

Samson clarified an incorrect amount cited at a previous meeting when she went before the Room Tax Board and requested the same assistance. “The correct amount is $866.53. We don’t want more than it actually is.”

The city deputy clerk informed the council there was enough in the general fund for the donation. The council then approved the donation.

The Shamrock Pub’s request to use its liquor license to serve alcohol at the Super Park for the TRAILCATS soft-opening dinner on September 21 was approved.

The council also approved Colleen Petrosky’s request to use the parking lot by the Clock Tower to park the Nevada Health Centers’ Mammovan mobile mammography unit September 4-5.

Jill Deaville’s request for a business license for Petra Construction was approved. The company also has a State of Nevada business license and is working on the Vireo Health facility in Rainbow Canyon.

The creation of a checking account, a petty cash account and Depot Restoration account for the Caliente Beautification Committee was approved. The council approved Jamie Wood, Tina Taylor and Lavette Lee as signers on the petty cash account.

Changing the speed limit on Clover Street was approved. Councilman Tommy Rowe said it needs to be done as soon as possible due to the shared road that will connect to the bike path on Hwy 317. Drivers will need to adjust their speed accordingly.

Councilman Sean FitzSimons noted that a local scout will be contacting Grant Perkins in the near future about the flag project in Rose Memorial Park.

Councilman Rowe brought up problems at the city pool. He said there have been many complaints about lifeguards paying customers to leave or playing video games instead of doing their job.

Councilman Joe Livreri was going to a meeting Monday concerning the influx of people expected for the Area 51 event. Someone in the audience asked how the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is going to manage the security with what is going on the same weekend with TRAILCATS. Mayor Steve Rowe said city hall has been getting phone calls from international news agencies about the event and availability of rooms. Councilman Livreri said he’d bring information to the next meeting.

Councilman Hunter thanked the Lincoln County Power District for getting the power back on during the recent outage.

Mayor Rowe reported he visited the Vireo Health Facility and it looks like they are on schedule to meet state requirements. Clover Creek Organics has been moving into the building to meet the requirements.

The next meeting will be September 5. It will be a public meeting on possible applications for funding under the next fiscal year’s CBDG Program. Citizens’ input is solicited.