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From left, Torrie Klomp and Ann Smith recently retired as volunteer EMTs after 30 years of service.

On a cold winter’s night, you’re snuggled in a warm bed, sound asleep. All of a sudden, a page goes off, summoning you to go save someone who is in dire need. You groggily get up, get dressed and head out the door.

This is the life of emergency services volunteers.

For Ann Smith and Torrie Klomp, Lincoln County EMT volunteers who are retiring, this has been their life for 30 years.

Smith has memories of a major train collision, and major accidents with multiple patients. In particular, she always wonders about her patients after leaving them at a hospital. “We take them to the hospital and they get flown out and we never hear what happened afterward.”

Her biggest joy is receiving people’s appreciation for her hard work, including being called an angel.

Ann’s direct message to the community is this: “Please volunteer. The service needs more people. Some have told me that they just don’t know if they can handle the blood. You will be trained to handle almost every situation and there will be others to help you get through any situation. We trained to act in the situation and react later.”

She also expresses how she has enjoyed being of service to the community.

Coincidentally, Ann’s husband, Kevin Smith, recently retired as a Grover C. Dils Medical Center board member after 12 years. He was honored and given a plaque with much thanks from CEO Melissa Rowe for his service.

Both have enjoyed working with the community.

The Smiths will be leaving for an LDS mission in September.