Lincoln County High School’s cross-country team participated in Pioche’s 10K Labor Day fun run. While the team only ran five kilometers of the race, that was all that was needed to get official times from the event. According to Coach Lacee Pearson, those times were enlightening.

“Some of these kids ran [longer times] last year,” she said excitedly, “and now we’re seeing some real improvement.”

Chance Christiansen finished in 22:04, putting his mile pace at 7:06. Jacob Gally came in right behind him at 22:15, with a mile time of 7:09. Next was Davin Avery, finishing at 24:58, with a mile time of 8:02. Jada Katschke finished the race in 25:07, giving her a mile time of 8:05. She was followed by Ashton Showell with a time of 26:25, with a mile time just over 8 and a half minutes. Then came McGarren Segler with a time of 27:06, putting his mile pace at 8:43. Gareth Frehner finished next with a time of 29:42, giving him a mile time of 9:33, followed by Traxton Philips and his time of 30:12, giving him a mile pace of 9:43.

Despite the improvements to last year’s times, the elements took their toll on race participants. According to many runners, the altitude change made completing the race much more difficult. The wind on Pioche’s high mountain roads also made running that much more challenging.

Despite these challenges, the team picked up second through ninth places in the 5K overall.