The Lincoln County Workforce helps county residents looking for work get training for work they want to do. The services it offers range from the simple to the complex through all career stages.

Based out of Caliente, Workforce provides work experience as well as on-the-job training. Last fiscal year, the program helped 29 youth with work experience and two people with on-the-job training. The difference between these two programs is that work experience is a temporary program, where teens and young adults learn different skills and then leave the business when their allotted time is up. On-the-job training is more long-term; when the employee finishes his probationary period, it is up to the owner of the business to either dismiss him or keep him on.

In both cases, Workforce helps pay for the worker’s wages. In the case of work experience, it pays 100 percent. Workforce covers half of the wages for on-thejob training, while the other half comes from the business. If the employee stays, then the burden of wages falls on the employer, but at that point, they have an effective and trained member of the team.

Helping people find and keep work is only one part of Workforce’s mission. It also offers training in diverse fields to help clients further their education, assisting them in getting into trade schools such as mechanic, beauty or welding school. Workforce also helps those who never finished high school to go back and get their diploma, and it helps high-risk students to make sure they finish their education.

Workforce has put dozens of people in a position to find employment, and out of those youth mentioned above, seven have found employment, eight have received tutoring and nine have received their diplomas. On the adult side, 13 adults went to training, four of whom did on-the-job training, eight gained employment and three received the tutoring they needed.

In all, the story of the Lincoln County Workforce is one of hope and help, and beyond the programs and the training, one of the most important things it offers is support. At the moment, it has openings in every program.

Lincoln County Workforce is located in the Cooperative Extension Office in Caliente and can be reached at 726-3800.