Morgan Stackhouse
Lincoln County High School junior quarterback Cody Zile hands the ball off to senior Mason Thornock during a Sept. 6 game against West Wendover.

Sept. 6, the Lincoln County High School (LCHS) Lynx football team played host to the West Wendover Wolverines in a competition of willpower and skill. The skies threatened a downpour at first, but a few scattered sprinkles didn’t stop the game. 

As Lincoln County marched down the field during their first possession, it became apparent that the game would be a tough one for the Wolverines. While West Wendover brought a larger team to bear, they couldn’t seem to stop the Lynx as they ended up in the end zone after only six plays. 

A few Lynx players stood out; Cody Zile, quarterback, was precise with his throws and ended up being very well protected by his offensive line. Another star of the game was Mason Thornock, who assisted in forcing a turnover into the hands of Ashton Miller just minutes after the last Lynx touchdown. They turned this mistake by West Wendover into another six points.

The first quarter was devastating for the Wolverines, as in their next possession, they lost the ball to another interception by Mason Thornock, which resulted in a touchdown, then another pick by number 10 directly after that. This interception was returned to the Wolverines’ end zone for another Lynx touchdown, which ended the first quarter with a score of 32-0 for the Lynx. During these drives, the Wolverines lost Edgar Barajas to injury. 

The next quarter was similar, but the Wolverines rallied to hold Lincoln County to only one touchdown with an extra point from Zile before the second half came to a close with a score of 39-0.

While the players cleared the field, LCHS cheerleaders and the Elite and Elevate teams from Dance Dynamics dance studio prepared themselves for the halftime show. 

As the second half commenced, it was as if the Wolverines had become a whole different team. Their desperation to close the ever-widening gap between themselves and the Lynx produced some serious results, which came in the form of a touchdown on their first possession of the second half. This success came at a high cost, however: two more West Wendover players were injured before the end of the second half.

The Lynx, while relatively secure in their victory, refused to back down. They gained another hard-fought touchdown in the fourth quarter. This was the last notable play of the game, and as the clock ran down to zero, it did so with a solid 45-6 Lynx win.

For the Lynx offense, Zile threw for 18 yards during the game and ran for 89, while Hagen Boyce ran for a total of 139 yards and Thornock ran for 105. In addition, Jordan Free covered 46 yards during the game, and Aidan Anderson covered 29. All of the passes were caught by Thornock and Kobe Kelley, who covered 13 and five yards respectively. 

On the defensive side of the game, Dylan Robinson netted six tackles, with Miller coming up with five and one interception. Kelley turned in five tackles as well, while Thornock came up with two interceptions on his own. Trevin Perkins got the only sack of the game.