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Eagle Valley Resort is available for sale. Meanwhile, the business continues to operate.

While Eagle Valley Resort was once just a few buildings in a remote basin, it has long since earned a reputation as a premier hunting, fishing and outdoor experience. However, the resort’s future is presently uncertain.

John Crostwait, the owner of the Eagle Valley Resort, is looking to sell, and according to some of his employees, the offers are numerous.

But, notwithstanding the unknown future of the resort, business rolls on as usual. The car and general store that help supply the resort are still selling their wares. The trailer park is running smoothly as well. Considering the variety of services provided by the resort, it’s amazing that only nine employees run the entire show.

These employees serve the dozens of people that call the valley home. Though summer and hunting season are the resort’s busiest seasons, 50 percent of Eagle Valley’s residents are there year round.