By Gwendolyn Lamb

Morgan Stackhouse
Kamryn Dirks serves against The Meadows on Sept. 13.

The Lincoln County High School volleyball team started off their regular season with home two losses to The Meadows Sept. 13.

Despite the losses, Coach Chantel Holt pointed out outside hitter Ellie Frehner and middle hitter Sadie Soderborg as bright spots for the team. 

“Ellie did a really good job of passing,” Holt said. “They really came after her in serve receives. It was tough; she had like 15 serve receives in one set and only had four errors.”

Holt hopes to improve on passing, so the team can get more hitting options and better and stronger hits. Holt said, “We need to improve passes … we are too content with thinking ‘oh, it’s playable, so  it’s okay.’”

The team lost their last preseason game against the Lady Panthers Sept. 10, 3-1. The scores were 25-12, 23-25, 25-20 and 25-19.

In spite of the loss, the Lady Lynx played really well. Holt said, “The gym was loud, but it helped us out. Our communication was pretty good in the loud gym.”

Frehner remarked, “We worked really hard. We definitely had a few mistakes, but overall we did good. Our communication was better. We were also more trusting with each other.”

Holt was impressed with some of the girls in particular. “Alyssa (Rippetoe) was a real strong presence at the net on the front row. Ryhan (Shumway) did a great job. She stepped in, she did a really good job of taking care of her serves, and passing really well in the back row for us. She had never played middle back and I threw her in there and she did really well.”

During the game against Aldeson Sept. 19, which the team will host, Holt is going to try putting in the younger junior varsity girls to give them some varsity experience. 

The Lady Lynx will be participating in the Boulder City tournament Sept. 27-28 in Las Vegas.