By Realm Beck

With the passing of Angie Wright and the resignation of Lonny Walch, two spots were open on the Alamo Town Board.

Four residents applied: Summer Mastin, Mike Ray, Skyler Smallwood and Sarah Charles. The board had an opportunity to put in a recommendation to the county commissioners during its regular meeting at the ambulance barn Sept. 9.

Brad Loveday noted he had “a problem with recommending people to sit on the board with us” and suggested the county commissioners as elected officials should probably do that.

Vern Holaday thought otherwise, saying they need to make a decision and recommendation.

The outgoing Walch added, “the fact is we have four great applicants.”

The town board ultimately recommended Summer Mastin and Mike Ray.

In other business, the board discussed that the Lincoln County Hospital District has decided to split the physical therapy building lot in two parcels, creating space for brandnew electric charging stations. The town board approved the updates to the parcel map.

Next there was discussion on how Area 51 events will impact Alamo.

While there have been mentions of the Alien Research Center possibly using town facilities for parking, Lola Sharp said that Research Center owner George Harris has not yet contacted the board about a specific location. Sharp noted that, “If they’re going to be using our facilities, they need to pay for it.”

Holaday noted that as of the commissioners meeting, Harris has sold 250 tickets out of 2,000. Walch said, “Well, there will be some lessons learned,” adding it’s hard planning for something like this because you don’t know if it’s going to be 300 or 3,000.