The Caliente City Council met Sept. 5.

The meeting began with Anthony Livreri asking the council for a price reduction on his six-foot-long sewer line upgrade for his house on Osborn Street. He stated $1,000 “is a bit excessive” and requested a reduction to $500.

Councilman Jamin Hunter suggested the city look at reducing hookup fees from the current $2,500.

Public Works Manager Grant Perkins agreed, as did Councilman Tommy Rowe who stated “rates are way too high to bring development into the city.”

Livreri’s reduced rate was approved and Hunter requested the matter of reduced fees be added to the next agenda for further discussion.

Cole Bradshaw of Caliente Christian Center requested a rate reduction for room #18 after paying the rent a full year in advance. The council approved a reduction from $1,112 to $1000.

Marc Williams & Sons, Inc.; Merhr’s Garage Doors, Inc.; Blackpine Construction, Ltd.; R. Phillips Plumbing, LLC and Jason Terry/AMI Mechanical, LLC, were all approved for city business licenses.

The council approved Ordinance #190, regulating the construction, placement and maintenance of offpremises signs in the City of Caliente requiring a permit.

Attorney Franklin Katschke urged citizens to read the warnings sent regarding the upcoming Area 51 events. He suggested everyone review precautions from Emergency Management and Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

The next council meeting will be September 18 at 6 p.m.

The Caliente Planning Commission met Sept. 4. The main topics of discussion were the placements of kiosks within the city. The Lincoln County Regional Development Authority was approved to place foursided kiosks in front of the Depot adjacent to the weather equipment. The kiosks will focus on OHV, hiking and bike trail information.

There was a discussion about placing an 18’’ x 18” information sign showing the locations of other kiosks in the area in a planter across from Jerry’s Sinclair. Since the signs are tourism-related, it was suggested funds for them be drawn from the Room Tax Fund. Alice Rodowick said she didn’t think that was the best use of the fund. Both the board and council tabled the matter for future discussion.

Kokopelli OHV of Mesquite got approval from the Planning Commission and council to install a kiosk across from the bulk plant. It will have safety information, trail information, area maps, locations of area businesses and events along with a sign with the locations of other kiosks in the area.

Off-Road Nevada will have their summit in Caliente Oct. 31-Nov. 2. They are hoping to install the kiosks before then. The city will be responsible for upkeep of the kiosks. It was suggested that a cement slab be poured to prevent weed growth.

The discussion about changing Section 15 of the city code to allow construction of, or permit premanufactured dwelling units of 400 square feet or less was tabled until it could be looked into. Board member Sheryl Johnson said there is a need for housing in Caliente, and there are positions that need to be filled at CYC, but there is no place for people to live. Opinions on this topic and any that affect the city can be voiced at the next Planning Meeting Sept. 18 at 5 p.m.