By Gwendolyn Lamb

The Lincoln County High School volleyball team traveled to the Boulder City Tournament Sept. 27-28.

Head Chantel Coach Holt said, “We walked away from this weekend feeling very content.” 

Assistant Coach Michele Smith was also happy with the tournament’s results. “I think that we did pretty well at the tournament.” Smith added, “It’s hard to pick out key players in this group because everyone is so essential on the court.” 

Holt was impressed with some of the girls’ serves. “Serving was a big issue for us and we cleaned it up. Several of the girls were able to come off the bench cold and serve it in consistently and be active. Ryhan, Abby, Sadie and Momo did a really good job of that.”

In one game, the freshmen were brought in and Holt noted, “I was very impressed when we put all our basically JV players in. They scared the crap out of us, because they started the first game 6-0 … in a game to 15, and then they turned it around and won it. And the second game they stomped them.” 

On the first day of pool play the Lady Lynx played SLAM, Spring Valley, Secta, Virgin Valley and Mojave. On the second day they played Secta, Liberty and Green Valley Christian. At the start of the tournament they first played Western and won. The second game was against Pahrump, where the Lynx took it to three games before losing by three points. 

In the end the Lady Lynx tied for 11th in the tournament. 

The team’s next game is Oct. 3 against non-league team Wells. They host Mountain View Oct. 11.