As promised before the event, the concerned residents of Rachel, NV have published a large number of documents related to the botched Alienstock festival on the Rachel, NV website:

The documents paint a clear picture of lies, failure to fulfill contractual obligation and utter incompetence on the part of the various festival organizers as well as our county commissioners and planning department. We will be presenting our concerns at the county commissioners meeting on October 7 in Pioche:

– The event permit was requested, and granted, for an event of 500 people. But less than a week later the organizers and the Inn discuss an event of up to 30,000.

– The Lincoln County planning department failed to take control of the event and instead let the Inn run wild with it

– The Inn lied to the county planning department about the music times as set in the contract between her and Matty Roberts

– The Inn made well over $100,000 in selling campsites alone. I can prove that with drone footage. Their claims they lost money are lies

– The Inn also charged every vender $1,000 plus 20% of their sales

– The Inn was so concerned about damage that they had fencing around the Inn and the owner’s residence put in the contract. There is no concern for the private property of other nearby property owners

– The Inn failed to hire a security firm, as required in the special event permit. Instead law enforcement had vehicles stationed at the event site, resulting in extra cost for the county. Friends and family of the owners without proper training acted as parking attendants

– The Inn failed to do drug or weapons checks as required in the special events permit

– The Inn failed to police the camping area. The special events permit prohibits camp fires but there were numerous campfires at the campsite

– The Inn failed to hire a medical professional company as required in the special event permit.

– The Inn failed to set up roadblocks on the roads to the residential part of Rachel. As a result event visitors raced through town all weekend at speeds of up to 70MPH, tearing up the dirt roads and causing unsafe conditions for the local residents

I will gladly answer any questions on behalf of our group of about 10 local property owners and 16 residents.

Joerg Arnu

Rachel, Nev.