by Trista Boyce

If you haven’t noticed the improvement at the St. Lawrence Cemetery in Pioche, it is worth taking the time to stop by. Louie Cole, along with a team of talented and hardworking volunteers, has designed and replaced the central crucifix feature in the cemetery. The old crucifix had been in place for as long as anyone could remember and had become so worn that the lighting feature was inoperable. 

The new crucifix was designed and fabricated by several artists. Louie also ensured that a new retaining wall and lighting were installed. This is a beautiful addition to the cemetery and to the town. A tremendous debt of gratitude is owed to all of the wonderful people who helped with this project, but a special thanks is owed to Louie, who volunteered countless hours to ensure every element was perfect.

Louie Cole and a team of volunteers constructed a new crucifix feature at the St. Lawrence Cemetery in Pioche.