Sixth graders from Caliente, Panaca and Pioche test their cardboard boats in their annual boat float

The sixth grade classes of Lincoln County gathered Sept. 3 at the Panaca warm spring to participate in a boat float. Participants placed cardboard vessels on the water and competed to see how long the homemade ships managed to stay afloat.

Among those participating were classes from Caliente, Pioche and Panaca, all of whom had been waiting weeks to test their boats against their competitors, working tirelessly to make their vessels sea-worthy. 

Once the teachers entered the water to help referee the competition and ensure the safety of students, the vessels were launched. While all of the ships that set sail from the steel steps of the spring were destined to meet their end in the murky waters, some sank instantly, while others did a great job of keeping their bow above water. Pioche Elementary’s BaiLee Cole’s cardboard vessel floated for an impressive 3 minutes 46 seconds. Another notable time was put up by Panaca’s own Tatlyn Perkins, who was able to keep her ship afloat for 2:42 before it was claimed by the briny deep. Some of the boats were run by teams, like Benson and Ryker of Caliente Elementary, whose ship stayed afloat 1:05.

All in all, the students had a great time and learned a lot about buoyancy.