The Lincoln County Chapter of RPEN (Representing Public Employees of Nevada) met Sept. 21 at noon at the Pine Tree Inn in Panaca. The guest speaker was Lincoln County School Superintendent Pam Teel. She gave the group an update on changes coming in the school district and told us the enrollments for the district are down this year, with the biggest reductions being in Caliente and Pioche. She also explained how the funding formula for the state is being revised and how it could impact the district. 

Pete Getker read the summary from the state delegates meeting which took place in Henderson. Vicki Cameron, originally from Caliente, had been chosen as the new president for RPEN. However, she was unable to accept the position, so Ruth Kilmer will be the new president. She also announced that Bonni Smith was given the Pat Fladiger Award, which is a top award for RPEN. Past recipients include Millie FitzSimons, Lavette Tennille and Dorothy Rowe.

The next meeting for RPEN will be held at the Caliente VFW Dec. 14 at 12 p.m. Notices to members will be mailed out in advance of the meeting.