Tori Collins photos
A large United States flag is unveiled during a ceremony at the Lincoln County High School Homecoming football game last week.

School spirit was in great supply Oct. 7-11 at Lincoln County High School during the events leading up to the Homecoming dance and football game. The tradition, which has been around almost as long as LCHS itself, is not just an opportunity for students to show their pride in their school, but a competition as well. Each class gains points for participating in different activities during the week, and the class with the most points wins.

The first competition consisted of decorating the halls. LCHS has two main hallways lined with lockers, and each class takes up one side of the hall’s lockers. That was where the battle for decorative supremacy began. Despite great showings by all students, the seniors reigned supreme.

That same night, the school put on a talent show that offered a wide variety of performances to entertain the crowd. Hunter Stewart won first place with his rendition of “Body Like a Back Road” by Sam Hunt, followed by Joanna Alstrom singing “Consequences” by Camilla Cabello. Natalie Whimple and her piano solo came in third.

“He had everyone standing up and singing,” said Marcy Howard, a member of the student government, of Hunter Stewart’s performance.

The next day the entire student body embarked on a quest to gather as many canned goods from the community as possible. These cans were then dropped off at Caliente Community United Methodist Church to be distributed to those in need. The freshmen were the victors in this competition, gathering 1,077 cans, which accounted for more than two thirds of the total collected. The other classes did their part as well, and as a whole the school donated roughly 2,700 cans, which required three trucks to deliver.

Students perform a skit at the alumni assembly.

Another competition that the students participated in was the poster bash, in which each class was given a large vinyl poster to decorate as they saw fit. Each of these posters was a wonderful tribute to the school. In the end, the juniors won the contest.

On Thursday, the students put on a tailgate dinner for people all over the county. According to Howard, it brought “the community together to eat and have fun.”

The students also participated in an alumni assembly which honored individuals that have helped the school over the years. Among those honored were Mike Anderson, who has announced football games for decades; Richard Barr, an ex-bus driver who passed away in 2019; and Don Philips, a local business owner and longtime supporter of the school.

A bonfire was set up next at Caliente Industrial Park, but according to students it nearly didn’t happen due to the dry climate, high winds and elevated fire threat. Thankfully, the wind changed direction and the bonfire was able to be carried out as per annual tradition.

The next major event was the powderpuff game. While it was a close game, with the two teams constantly jockeying for control of the ball, the seniors and freshmen defeated the juniors with a touchdown in the last 30 seconds. During halftime, the boys took to the field to entertain the crowd with amusing cheerleading ‘poses.’

The next night was the football game. The Lynx defeated the Calvary Chapel Lions 32-27.

The final night involved students lighting lanterns and enjoying the Homecoming dance.

Lincoln County High girls at the line of scrimmage during the annual powderpuff game during Homecoming week.

With that, another wild and wonderful homecoming week came to a close for LCHS, leaving fond memories behind for all who participated.