By Dave Maxwell

The need for a full-time lead position for the Lincoln County road department was discussed at the Oct. 7 county commission board meeting.

The reason for the need, explained Commissioner Bevan Lister, is that Supervisor Shane Cheeney will soon be having knee replacement surgery and will therefore be laid up for some time.

Lister said the duties of the person would be “to keep up the management part as the day-to-day contact with the employees and reporting back to the supervisor.” However, the position would not be looked at as a step up into supervisory status.

The choice of the person is up to Cheeney, if he decides to act on the suggestion.

“I hope that he would set up a process where he accepts applications and goes that way,” Lister said.

Commission chair Varlin Higbee said it was his idea to put the item on the meeting agenda as he is commission liaison to the road department and feels the department does need a lead man.

Hiring a person just part-time was discussed, but County Recorder Amy Elmer said it would be a lot easier for her department to have a person paid a full-time wage rather than having to prorate a portion of the payroll for an existing employee who fills in as a part-time lead man. “We would then need to have two different pay scales.”

The agenda item was for discussion only and Higbee said it will likely be discussed again at the Oct. 21 commission meeting.