Courtesy photo
Kids gather at Panaca Elementary for the Fall Festival, put on by the Panaca Elementary Parent-Teacher Group.

Spooky times are upon us as Halloween creeps ever closer. But, that doesn’t mean the party can’t start a little early, right?

On Oct. 19, the Panaca Elementary Parent-Teacher Group (PTG) organized a wonderful celebration of the spookiest part of the year. With games and prizes, and great food to boot, it was something worth haunting.

Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, and Nevada Day is observed on the Thursday before that, during which a lot of people go on vacation. The PTG didn’t want to overload the parents with too many activities on Halloween day itself, so it decided to move the celebrations up slightly.

Among the booths was a small shooting range set up by Panaca’s own Anderson Foam Wars. In this game, players took on the role of ghost hunters as they used a foam dart blaster to knock over piles of ghostly cups in an effort to rid the scary dollhouse of its undead residents.

Another game locals seemed to enjoy was the maze set in the middle of Panaca Elementary’s field, where participants had to weave their way through the caution tape that barred their exit.

Pumpkin bowling was also a highly entertaining experience, with players getting strikes as the pumpkins flew.

Each game provided a prize in the form of tickets. In the case of the shooting range, for example, each target was worth a ticket, and even if you didn’t hit anything, you still walked away with one ticket. Those tickets could be turned in for prizes like food, toys and other entertainment. Some games, like the ring toss, provided a prize immediately, with each drink that a player was able to toss a ring over becoming his or hers to take.

Above everything, the PTG wants sponsors to be recognized for making the festival possible by providing food and funding and most of all, for donating their time. Among those that helped out were Panaca Market; McCrosky’s Y Service station; the St. George Smith’s; the St. George Costco; Daylight Doughnuts; Dr. Klomp; Lincoln County Telephone; Nevada Bank and Trust; Jolly’s Drugstore; the Knotty Pine and Dolan and Edwards.