Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee said the body of an unidentified adult female found on Kane Springs road Oct. 5 has not yet been identified by the Clark County Coroner’s office.

Lee said what autopsy work has been done shows no signs of trauma. The body, which had likely been there for at least a week, was in such a state of dehydration that coroners are rehydrating the fingers to hopefully obtain fingerprints as no facial recognition is possible. He did not mention what might have been attempted with dental records.

He said the nationality and age of the woman also remain undetermined. “She stood about five feet tall and was very petite.”

Lee noted officers have followed up on some leads in other states with no results as of yet. “LasVegas Metro also doesn’t have any reports of missing persons that match the description.”

The body was found about a mile and a half east on Kane Springs road from where it joins with U.S. 93 near the entrance to Western Elite.

A passerby, heading back to Las Vegas from Caliente on that road, stopped at a wayside area to let his dogs take a break and found the nude body about 50 yards off the roadway.

“It wasn’t really well hidden,” Lee said. “Maybe whoever put it there, if that was the case, wanted it to be found.”