County Sheriff Kerry Lee reported a second unidentified body, this time of an adult male, possibly in his 20s, was found Oct. 26 near the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks north of Moapa, just across the line from Lincoln County.

Earlier in the month, the nude body of a petite adult female was found Oct. 5 on Kane Springs Road about a mile and a half from the intersection with U.S. 93.

Lee didn’t say if he thought the two deaths were related.

He said the man’s body was found near the Farrier Crossing on the UPRR line below Carp, near the county line.

A local hiker roaming along an old portion of an abandoned county road came across the body about 50-75 yards off the railroad right of way and informed Las Vegas Metro.

When it was learned the scene was in Lincoln County’s jurisdiction, the sheriff’s office was then contacted.

If the person fell off a passing train there would have been some sort of marks, Lee noted, but the body had none.

The partially clad male, not wearing a shirt, and possibly of Hispanic nationality, might have been in the area for about 10 days. An autopsy performed Oct. 27 showed no signs of physical trauma or gunshot wounds.

Lee is checking out leads regarding a missing person’s report out of the Henderson police department.

“We feel there also may be a vehicle somewhere nearby, but have not found it yet.”

As for identification of the earlier female victim, Lee said efforts by the Clark County Coroner’s office to rehydrate the fingers hopefully to obtain fingerprints proved unsuccessful due to the extent of decomposition.

“Therefore,” he said, “We are probably going to do a joint press release with the coroner probably in the next week or so, to go nationwide and publish it through the National Crime Information Center [a branch of the FBI]. There are different companies that can help us with this in distributing and seeking identification.”

He said the deceased woman had a metal rod in her back from a previous surgery and the numbers on the rod were sent for identification to the company that made the pieces. “But unfortunately,” he said, “the company has gone out of business and we don’t know where the records are.”

Dental records would be great for identification, Lee said, “but we don’t know which dentist to go to because there is no national dental database.”

It appears the woman, possibly in her 40s, was not a Nevada resident as there are no current missing persons reports that fit the description.