Dear Editor,

We here at Spring Valley State Park would like to give a big thank you for this years Halloween Event.

The Wagon of Terror and the Homestead Cabin of Horrors.

We’d like to give a special mention to a few that really made this happen. Thank You Nevada State Parks, NDF & the Honor Camp (Joe Livreri and Frank Cheaney) for the help with set up, Bob Beam for your outstanding clown paint on the circus tent entrance, Groundshakers MC, Johnny & Sally Daughtry, Rhett Ogden, Scott Robinson, the 6th graders from Pioche Elementary School for carving pumpkins, & Allison Hammond. With your help & donations you made this event all come together.

A big thank you to our staff and cast that made our cabin, wagon, boat dock, and the starting point come to life.

– Ben & Laura Johnson – Food & Drinks, costume & boat contests, the wall of pumpkins

– Dave KornDawg Martin – Creator/Producer/Designer/Script/Costumes of the Homestead Cabin

– Ashley Ross – Stage Tech/Makeup/Costume/Sound at the Homestead Cabin

– Kyle Hunt – Wagon of Terror Driver

– Relena Hanley – Wagon of Terror Co-pilot


Maleah Nixon – Joanna

Jessica Sanders – Emma

Trent Adams – Closet Monster

Elijah Pallaya – Picture Slider

Joey Padderatz – Spider Guard

Anthony Faehling – The Demon

Sharron Faehling – The Witch

Petra Romero – Wall Shadow

Rob Bennett – The Butcher

Austin Reed – Zombie

Garret Pastor – Zombie

Todd Vandernick – The Ring Mas


Jenna Farhling – Psycho Clown

Fantasia Beam – White Out

And most of all the community and surrounding towns that came out and joined us.

Thank you ALL and we will see you next Halloween.

Ben Johnson

Spring Valley State Park