Positive identification of the body of an adult male found near the Union Pacific Railroad just north of the Lincoln County line has been released.

Lincoln County Sheriff Lee said the man was identified as Pedro Cabrales Dias, 32, of Henderson. Cause of death is still pending by the Clark County Coroner’s office. The family has been notified.

Dias’ remains were found Oct. 26 by a hiker near Ferrier Crossing on the UPRR line. There were no signs of physical trauma or gunshot wounds. An autopsy was performed by the Clark County Coroner’s office. No indication was given as to how long the body might have been at that spot.

In an unrelated incident, the body of a short, unknown, adult female was found Oct. 5 by a passerby about a mile and a half along the Kane Springs Road, east of the intersection with U.S. 93.

“It is my hope that as we put out some nationwide press releases from the coroner’s office, somebody will want to double-check against a missing persons report they may have on file,” Lee said.

If identification of the woman proves unsuccessful, it will go into the cold case files.

Autopsy efforts have not been able to obtain an identification or even a rumor of a missing person who fits the description.

“We do have some personal effects of hers that will be easy to identify once we are able to find a possible match,” Lee said. “But so far we have not been able to. Any leads we thought we had have come up empty-handed.”

Lincoln County has at least one other unidentified deceased person, discovered in 1986.

Lee said the decomposed body of a man thought to have been there for some time was located lying next to a culvert, crossing under highway 93, south of Western Elite near the county line.

“That appears to have been a case of murder,” he said, “because the victim had been shot twice in the head with a .22. We still have some of the bones in our evidence locker if we might someday get a lead and can perform DNA tests. We have kept it an open case all this time.”