The family of Don Phillips would like to express our appreciation to all of the relatives, and hundreds of friends whose love meant so much during our father’s recent passing. Thank you for the beautiful flowers, plants, cards, books, food, acts of kindness and donations to the Conway Memorial Veterans Cemetery.
So many shared in our sorrow and loss. Dad, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa was a very special father, brother, grandfather, great grandfather, uncle, cousin, and friend. He was an unforgettable person who has left all who loved him with wann and happy memories. May your own wonderful memories of him and his stories be a comfort to you at this time.
With deepest gratitude,
The Donald Phillips Family

Dear Editor,
At this time, I wish to publicly and proudly proclaim that I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN FAVOR OF PIOCHE TRANSFERRING THEIR POWER UTILITY TO THE POWER DISTRICT. My efforts over many years have been geared towards compelling the PPU Manager performs the power duties which are required by his position. Unfortunately, the Pioche Advisory Board has historically neglected to hold the Utility Manager accountable for his refusal to perform his duties.
At the November 4, 2019, Commission Meeting, the Commissioners voted to approve the Interlocal Utility Transfer Agreement Between Lincoln County, Nevada and Lincoln County Power District #1, transferring the Pioche electrical system to the Power District. Dave Luttrell, the General Manager of the LCPD #1 assured me they will hold joint meetings with the Pioche Advisory Board to educate Pioche’s residents on the effects of the transfer of power. For sure, LCPD will maintain a drop-box at the PPU office for submitting payments.
Of major concern to Pioche residents at this time is my belief the Advisory Board is of the opinion they cannot terminate or demote the PPU Manager now that the Town has given away their primary source of revenue and Glen Zelch reported at the October 15, 20189, meeting of their board that they will likely have to hire additional staff to cover their workload. With a salary of over $100,00 a year and projected income from taxes of just over $112,000 expected for the current fiscal year, I have no idea how the Advisory Board intends to retain him in his current position at his current salary.
Oh, wait a minute, the Advisory Board intends to raise our water rates somewhere between $22 and $33 per customer per month; said increase driven by personnel costs, as projected by the outside auditor. It is noted the Board has not identified the “value of the water”. Last October, PPU charged an 85-year old resident $657 for one month, claiming she “leaked” over 500,000 gallons of water from her property in a heavily populated residential area in Pioche. When she asked the Board for consideration of her outrageous bill, she was given (6) months to pay the bill. On the other hand, the Advisory Board is considering the lease of 160 acre feet of water for $34 per year per acre foot on a 5-year lease.
As for myself, until the Advisory Board can explain to me (following repeated requests) how the Pioche Golf Course, the only entity utilizing the Rodeo Well, can use 642,000 gallons of water in August when they water the course with a garden hose, I am not willing to pay a rate increase for water. Adding insult to injury, the PPU Manager has falsely reported substantially lower numbers to the State Water Engineer for water pumped from this well and cannot demonstrate that ANYONE is paying for this water.
Respectfully submitted,
Carol White
Concerned Pioche Resident