Lincoln County High School junior Cody Zile goes up for two of his 23 points on Dec. 10 in Panaca.

The beginning of this season has been somewhat of a mixed bag for the Lincoln County High School boys varsity basketball team, but the week had a happy ending that should instill confidence in the players. 

Starting with the first game played at the Southwest Rotary Classic (Dec. 5-7), against Yuma High School, Lincoln edged out the competition 56-32. The next game was not as good for the Lynx, since they lost to Cibola High School 78-51, but they then rallied to beat Casa Grande High School in double overtime with an impressively high score of 85-80. Last but not least, the final game of the tournament saw Lincoln lose against Pima, Ariz., 30-47.

Following that, the Lynx found themselves back in their own territory on Dec. 10 as they faced off against their guests, the White Pine Bobcats. Cody Zile drew first blood, both figuratively and literally, as blood was discovered on the court following Zile’s first 3-pointer of the night, despite the fact that no one seemed to be bleeding. After a quick cleanup, the game went back into action, with the Lynx keeping the Bobcats at bay. White Pine was not ready to give up just yet, however, and pushed back hard, keeping themselves close to the Lynx scoring wise. 

Ultimately, the Lynx managed to stay ahead, winning the game 56-48.

Key players in the final game were Zile, who scored 23 points and always seemed to know where to put the ball to make sure it ended up in the hoop. Alongside him was Dylan Robinson, who scored 13 points and moved like a lightning bolt down the court. Mason Thornock, another senior member of the team, was also instrumental in the victory.

The Lynx play in the Bulldog Invitational Tournament in Mesquite Dec. 12-14. The team hosts Pahranagat Valley Dec. 19 and Mountain View the following day.