Moving ahead with plans for the former Cowboy’s Dream facility in Alamo, the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada (GSSNV) have selected a Las Vegas architecture firm, LGA Architecture, to design their new camp.

In a press release, GSSNV said LGA Architecture will design and develop the 36 acres of land that was donated to the Girl Scouts in Dec. 2018 by the Charles and Phyllis Frias Charitable Trust.

“The architects will create an outdoor experience combining high adventure, STEAM education and environmental stewardship for a phased project that will have an eventual capacity for up to 150 campers,” the press release stated.

When not in use as a Girl Scout camp, the property will be available to corporate, community and youth organizations.

Kimberly Trueba, CEO of GSSNV, said, “Combining an experimental design approach to community-focused projects and a passion for sustainability, LGA Architecture is the ideal firm to partner with as we begin our journey towards creating a world-class outdoor experience.”

Submissions from a number of architectural firms in the Las Vegas area were received for consideration.

LGA clients include the Discovery Children’s Museum, Springs Preserve, the State of Nevada Division of Museums and Tourism, and the City of Las Vegas, among others.

Alexia Chen, project manager at LGA, said, “Working on this project has been an amazing opportunity for our firm and for me personally. The Girl Scouts’ mission of growing the next generation of leaders speaks to my own journey as an architect.

We are committed to creating a place that maximizes opportunities to learn, engage and create memories that will last a lifetime. We can work to design places that unite the community, respect the surrounding environment and create connections that endure for generations, developing sustainable, harmonious places that facilitate meaningful bonds between the people and nature.”

Further information about LGA’s plans will be released later.