Based on the events of inviting people to come to Lincoln County and Area 51 to search for aliens, county commissioners have realized the need for updating and revising the county’s special event code and permits.

County Planning and Building Director Cory Lytle said revisions need to be made for large and small events. Currently, special events are not divided into those categories.

Lytle suggested the last time the code was updated might have been in 2009-2010. “It dealt primarily then with county facilities being used and types of insurance.”

Since the events of Storm Area 51, the need for modifications to the code which will clarify key details has become evident.

Lytle said a change in permit fees is also needed and recommended those be made by resolution. Instead of having a set fee, he suggested, “Let it be known that fees will be established by resolution rather than by ordinance. Makes it much easier.”

He told the commission board, “All the little events in the county are increasing. Every other week I get some sort of a call or solicitation to put on some event somewhere and what needs to be done.”

He suggested the board seek to make the needed changes by early spring.

It was recommended that vendors be required to clearly display a notice stating their vendor fees have been paid prior to the event they are attending.

Lytle said for the large events, “The promoters are responsible for doing that themselves and provide us a list.” Violations by vendors were recommended to be a $1,000 fine. He suggested language in the special use permit be updated to note that all vendor fees are due a week prior to the event.

However, Varlin Higbee noted that at the Area 51 event in Rachel last year, many of the vendors did not have permits and just set up on the other side of Highway 375 on BLM land, which is not under county jurisdiction.

Commissioners will continue further discussions on the matter.