A detailed survey of the Kane Spring murder crime scene is an expected possibility, if not already completed, Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee reported this week.

He told the Record that investigators are looking into the land ownership of the area on the Kane Springs road where the murder allegedly occurred. “Wanting to see if the location is private or public land, but I don’t know if that survey has been done. Still waiting on that.”

Federal and local detectives are continuing their investigation into the death of Bethel Park, PA, resident Jamie Feden.

The 33-year-old’s body was found Oct. 5 in the desert about 80 miles north of Las Vegas along the Kane Springs road.

Police say John Chapman, 39, of Oakland, MD, admitted to taking Feden into the desert, tying her to a signpost and suffocating her.

“Pretty cold and calculated that someone would take somebody like this out into the desert and do what they allegedly did,” Lee said. “We are even this week getting more search warrant information from Pittsburgh police, who have been really great in their assistance to us, and also calls from the Pittsburgh news channels as to updates on the case.”

Lee explained the question regarding the murder scene being on public or private land is “that if it is on public land, it could be prosecuted in federal court on Las Vegas, or the county could do it as well, either/or. If it is shown to be private land, then only Lincoln County can handle the prosecution. There are chunks of both private and public land around that area. It’s really close, really just within yards.”

Lee said when he, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office investigators viewed the crime scene in December and the question of public or private land ownership was brought up, it was decided to have the land surveyed, because “It’s that close.”

Chapman continues to be housed in the Allegheny County Jail in Pittsburgh, with no date set for possible extradition to Nevada.