On Jan. 8, the Lincoln County School Board met to discuss new hires, reorganize the board and make sure their windows don’t shatter. This meeting was unique in that it was held on the second Wednesday of the month instead of Thursday, which will be the case from here on out.

With the new year came a reorganization of the board, with Poulsen taking the position of chairman. Once the new assignments for the members were handed out, the board congratulated Peggy Rowe on finishing her certification, which was echoed by a letter from the school through which she completed this training.

The next change for the new year was the way in which the board will receive the school reports in the future. The board expressed its desire to hear more about student accomplishments, not just new programs or upcoming events. Pioche Elementary was the first to report, discussing how much their students have grown with the addition of the house system. They mentioned how the students are developing cheers that reflect their houses’ principles and how this fun addition to their school has brought the kids together.

Next up was Panaca Elementary’s presentation, provided by sixth graders Ava Marcarian and Maddy Showell, talking about their recent Washington, D.C trip. They told the board how places like the Vietnam Memorial and the Three Soldiers Statue were some of the more thought-provoking parts of the trip. Some of the board members pointed out that a young man from Caliente is listed on the Vietnam memorial, and the kids replied that they were tasked with finding him. Overall, the students said it was a wonderful opportunity.

Concluding the schools’ presentations, the board heard a report from the new elementary music program, which is going well and has been getting the kids excited about learning more.

Then the board got into the main business of the evening, starting with the resignation of secretary Rachel Baker from C.O. Bastian because she will be moving out-of-county for work reasons. The board expressed its appreciation for her service and then chose her successor, Samantha Griffin. Kylea Lytle was hired as the secretary in the district office. Superintendent Pam Teel said that while there was an overwhelming outpouring of talent in the applicants for this position, she was happy to pull from within the school district.

The last of the new hires, Michael Collins, will take the position of baseball head coach for the 2020 season.

Lastly, the board reviewed Clear Secure’s winning bid for the anti-shatter window film which will be installed at every location in the school district. Clear Secure’s bid was $64,840. This material will not stop a bullet, according to some reports from the board, but it’s enough to stop a punch or any similar kind of blunt-force impact.

The meeting adjourned soon after. The next one will be Feb. 12.