By Realm Beck

The Alamo Town Board conducted its first meeting of the year Jan. 15. The meeting was opened by a member of the community who wanted to address a social media post made about kids not being able to build snowmen on the baseball field. Board vice-chair Brad Loveday assured the man that he had addressed the issue with the mother. The mother took the post down and admitted she should have called before putting it up. The kids rolled their snowmen in the red dirt, then onto the grass, which caused a pile of red dirt when the snow melted. To keep mounds from growing on the grass, Loveday asked that kids either build in the outfield or infield, not both.

Board secretary Tasha Stout stated the RV Park at the arena collected $230 in October and $475 in November.

A problem with the door on the children’s park was reported. Maintenance contractor Ken Maxwell stated someone must have kicked it.

Maxwell suggested that in the future the board invest in 2 x 2 steel posts for the stop signs that are bending throughout town. Board chair Vern Holiday said he recently talked to the county board about getting more signs and posts.

Stout reported she received an email from county commissioner secretary and grants administrator Denise Brown about funding the Alamo Town Board deposited with the county in 2004. This money, totaling $1475.75, was supposed to go to the children’s park as a match. Brown said money was still sitting in the account and asked where the town board wanted it to go. Board member Mike Ray suggested the money be put back into the parks. Everyone agreed.

District Attorney Dylan Frehner reported he met with Judge Nola Holton about putting in a system for visual communication between the jail and courtroom. He hopes to get a system in Alamo to tie in with the county commissioners meeting, to create both visual and physical interactions. Frehner asked the town board if it was interested in participating. The town board agreed to set up a system in the courthouse.

Maxwell addressed the volleyball pit in the children’s park, suggesting it should be turned into a basketball pit. He stated it’s a lot to take care of and the weeds grow very quickly. The board didn’t make an official decision on the matter.