Softball is here again, and there are few teams as excited and energetic about this upcoming season as the Lady Lynx of Lincoln County High School. Led by coach Phil Boucher, the girls have been practicing, and while they seemed hyped for the upcoming tournament, there were a few elements missing.

The seniors and juniors at Lincoln County High School visit Washington, D.C. each year, and the girls that attend are sorely missed at the practices. However, Boucher seems confident that their key players will integrate smoothly into the otherwise young team.

“Just pray that it doesn’t rain [during practice tomorrow],” Boucher joked.

Despite the fact that the team is made up of a lot of underclassmen, Boucher is excited that six of last year’s veterans are returning, including all the pitching and catching players. The only spots they haven’t found the right players for are the shortstop and outfielders, but with as much talent as the coaches believe they have on their side, they’re sure to find the right fit.

Those key players include the likes of Sadie Soderborg and Macie Howard, both of whom man the pitching mound and help lead the team. Alexis Long, a junior, is also a high-impact member of the team, and with these upper-classmen and their fellow players working together, Boucher has a lot of hope for their prospects.

Of course, Boucher isn’t the only one working with the girls to make sure they have a successful season. Principal Marty Soderborg is another member of the coaching staff, along with Jessie Howard and the pitching coach, Aston Wilkin. All of these coaches have experience with softball and are confident in their team, with Boucher even going as far as to say, “As long as the coaches don’t mess anything up, the girls will do fine.”

However, as confident as they are, there are still a few obstacles they need to overcome. According to Boucher, Needles is always a fierce opponent, and he was impressed with how much Meadows grew during last year’s season, so he’s watching out for them. The Lynx won’t have to face these opponents quite yet, though, since their first games will be in Las Vegas as they participate in the Spring Slam Tournament. Their first opponents will be the Virgin Valley Bulldogs, followed by the Indian Springs Thunderbirds and lastly, the Wells Leopards.

The Lady Lynx’s 2020-21 season will begin March 12 at 1 p.m.