Dear Editor,

The Concerned Residents of Rachel, NV spoke once again at the bi-weekly Lincoln County Commissioners meeting to voice their concerns about a repeat of the 2019 Alienstock event. Last year’s event flopped when the organizers started suing each other over sponsor money shortly before the scheduled event date. Lincoln County, rightfully prepared for the worst, footed the bill to the tune of $250,000 plus.

All involved claim they lost money. Still, against all reason, the local bar in Rachel wants to host another event this year. The concerned residents of Rachel, NV, strongly oppose this for the reasons outlined in today’s presentation: documents/03-02-20_comm_residents.pdf

After the presentation all present commissioners voiced strong support for our reasoning for not wanting another event. It was discussed to immediately vote on a declaration not to permit any further events of that nature. After some discussion it was decided to postpone that vote until the April 20 meeting, at which the Little A’Le’Inn, the local bar in Rachel, is to present their plan for an event this year.

The commissioners voiced some concern that so far they had not received any of the requested plans. The commissioners clearly were not pleased with the fact that the Little A’Le’Inn is advertising the Alienstock 2020 event without a permit. After discussion with DA Frehner whether the Inn could be forbidden to advertise until a decision is made at the April 20 meeting about issuing a permit it was determined that this would be difficult to enforce.

Commissioner Brackenbury stated that there is a chance that Lincoln County would receive some relief money from the state under an emergency declaration for the 2019 event, but ONLY if any further such events would NOT be permitted.

Sheriff Lee and emergency manager Holt also voiced serious concerns about a 2020 event.

It was mentioned that a group that also claims rights to the Alienstock name has inquired about the April 20 commissioners meeting and expressed an interest in speaking at that meeting.

At that meeting a final decision will be made about permitting a 2020 event after hearing all interested parties. At this point in time it appears unlikely that an event permit will be granted.

Joerg H Arnu
Rachel, Nev.