The Lincoln County School District sent a letter to homes dated March 9, 2020, regarding the coronavirus.

The district stated it “is working with local and state health officials who are monitoring the situation in our country and across Nevada.”

“We are communicating regularly with these agencies to determine the best course of action to protect our students and staff members and to ensure the educational needs of our students are met.”

The letter includes info on how the virus spreads, what typical symptoms are, and how families can protect themselves.

The district also announced what it is doing to reduce the spread of illness, including:

  • Custodians are spending extra time cleaning and disinfecting classrooms, offices, cubbies, and surfaces throughout our buildings.
  • Transportation employees are conducting deep cleaning efforts on school buses.
  • Nutrition services staff members are using sanitizing solutions throughout cafeterias including: tables, chairs, benches, serving lines, and door handles. All cafeterias provide hand sanitizer for students and staff.
  • Teachers and staff are educating and encouraging prevention strategies, including hand washing, at appropriate times during the school day.
  • LCSD is developing a plan to be used if coronavirus impacts our area, using information and guidance from local, state, and federal health authorities.

“Future updates for LCSD regarding coronavirus will be sent to parents via infinite campus and to staff by email,” the letter concludes. “For community questions regarding the coronavirus, a Nevada state hotline has been created: 1-775-400-0333.”