We encourage submissions to the “Letters to the Editor” column and comment submissions online and in our social media pages.

Letters to the Editor

Letters must be addressed to the editor and signed. The author’s address and telephone number also should be legibly printed. That information will not be published, but is required to verify the letter’s authenticity. Letters should be typed, whenever possible, and be no longer than two letter-sized pages, doubled-spaced.

The Lincoln County Record reserves the right to edit letters for grammar, spelling or for length.
Letters are selected for publication at the discretion of the editor. Anonymous letters will not be
published, nor will any letters without contact information be considered for publication.

The best way to send letters is by email. You can also send them by mail.
email: contact.lcrecord@gmail.com (contact “dot” lcrecord “at” gmail “dot” com)
mail: Lincoln County Record, PO Box 485, Pioche, NV 89043


While we welcome community dialogue and anyone’s opinions are welcome, the following are discouraged.

  • Profane language or name calling.
  • Accusations, particularly about local community members, that cannot be substantiated (hearsay).
  • Constant posting of deliberately offensive or provocative comments with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them (trolling).

The Lincoln County Record reserves the right not to publish letters or online comments that constitute any of the above. Please keep comments on topic and respectful towards individuals and groups and free of personal attacks.

Letters and online comments published do not reflect the opinions of Battle Born Media or the Lincoln County Record.